Best Selling Gaming Consoles of All Time

Everybody has their own favorite console of all time. The console that holds your fondest memories, the one that even though you move on from you would gladly go back and play it any time. With the advancement in technology of console gaming hasn’t come an increase in sales. In fact there is only 1 console in the top 10 of this list released after 2007.

Interestingly after viewing the list and calculating total console sales for companies within the list, there are two companies that are clearly dominant over the rest. Many would expect that to be Sony and Microsoft. However it is actually Sony and Nintendo as in the sales in this list alone, Nintendo have close to 6 times more sales then Microsoft and Sony close to 4 times. Here is a chart for an overview of the top selling consoles without the company names.

this list and chart were created using data gathered from here.

As you can see the PlayStation 2 topples the list with 155 million sales followed closely and unexpectedly by the Nintendo DS. After those 2 there is a drop in units sold by the trailing consoles however what’s interesting is overlooking the aforementioned dominance in sales by Nintendo and Sony. These two companies alone hold the top 5 places on the list with the Microsoft Xbox 360 at 6th and then Nintendo and Sony produced all consoles from 7-14. This dominance in sales is further illustrated in the full list with the company names:

Ranking Console Company Release Date Units Sold
1 PlayStation 2 Sony 2000 155,000,000
2 Nintendo DS Nintendo 2004 154,020,000
3 Game Boy/Game Boy Color Nintendo 1989/1998 118,690,000
4 PlayStation Sony 1994 102,490,000
5 Wii Nintendo 2006 101,630,000
6 Xbox 360 Microsoft 2005 84,000,000
7 PlayStation 3 Sony 2006 83,800,000
8 PlayStation Portable Sony 2004 82,000,000
9 Game Boy Advance Nintendo 2001 81,510,000
10 Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 2011 66,120,000
11 Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo 1983 61,910,000
12 PlayStation 4 Sony 2013 60,000,000
13 Super Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo 1990 49,100,000
14 Nintendo 64 Nintendo 1996 32,930,000
15 Sega Genesis Sega 1988 30,750,000
16 Atari 2600 Atari 1977 30,000,000
17 Xbox Microsoft 2001 24,000,000
18 GameCube Nintendo 2001 21,740,000
19 Wii U Nintendo 2012 13,560,000
20 Master System Sega 1986 13,000,000
21 Sega Game Gear Sega 1990 10,620,000
22 Xbox One Microsoft 2013 10,000,000
23 TurboGrafx-16 NEC/ Hudson Soft 1987 10,000,000
24 Sega Saturn Sega 1994 9,260,000
25 Dreamcast Sega 1998 9,130,000

As you can see although overall sales are closest between Nintendo and Sony, Nintendo is the obvious winner. Here is an overview of placings and total sales from this list of 25 alone for Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony:

Console appearances in the top 25: Nintendo: 10     Sony: 5     Microsoft: 3

Unit sales in the top 25: Nintendo: 701,210,000     Sony: 483,292,000     Microsoft:  118,000,000

It’s obvious looking at the overview of the list that Nintendo is the clear winner followed by Sony and then Microsoft in all time console sales. However in overall company value this victory doesn’t mean a lot as Microsoft dominates many other industries and has a far higher net worth then the other 2 companies. What it does mean though is that Nintendo is the top console seller of all time.

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3 Responses

  1. Derek Bamford says:

    Maybe so but the Dreamcast is #1 in our hearts.

  2. Wallace Fennel says:

    Why was the PS Vita omitted despite its 15M sales?

  3. Jaques Dawkins says:

    Number of Xbox one consoles is way off, wouldn’t be surprised if most of the data is wrong