Biggest Military Budgets Around The World

As a global society we invest a lot into the military. The 2.5 billion dollar budget for sending the curiosity rover to mars is less than the worldwide military expenditure for 13 hours. Whether that’s a good or bad thing will always be argued.

When looking into nations military expenditures there are 2 key factors that provide an accurate scale on how much is being spent. The exact amount of money allocated and it’s relativity to the nations GDP. At the mention of military budgets everyone knows America are the big spenders. But when you’re bringing in the most money annually with a GDP of over 19 trillion obviously you can afford to spend more.

As of 2017 these countries are allocating the most to military expenditure. As expected economic powerhouses America & China topple the ranks, Russia & Saudi Arabia take the 3rd and 4th spots even though there GDP’s are around 1.3 trillion and 646 billion respectively.

Which of the countries on this list surprised you?



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